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N. 32 (2016)

Gerardo Cunico

Kant e l’immortalità dell’anima

PP. 63-71

1. Vita futura e immortalità nelle prime due Critiche, p. 63; 2. Sintomi di crisi di questi concetti, p. 66; 3. Aporie del dualismo temporalità-eternità, p. 68.


The paper proposes a short discussion of Kant’s critical conception of the immortality of the human soul which relates rational psychology to a philosophical eschatology in practical intent. This view is differently accounted for in the Critique of pure reason and in the Critique of practical reason. The shift from the idea of the future life required for the realization of the highest good to the idea of an endless progress of personal morality indicates an internal unresolved problematicity in Kant’s approach to this issue, but can be also understood as a symptom of the wrestling of modern thought with the aporias of the dualism of phaenomenal and noumenal world, temporality and eternity.

Keywords: Kant, Rational psychology, Immortality, Future life, Eschatology.


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