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N. 32 (2016)

Angela Ales Bello

Fenomenologia, ontologia e metafisica in Edith Stein

PP. 189-204

1. La questione del rapporto fra essenza ed esistenza: legame e distacco con la fenomenologia husserliana, p. 191; 2. L’ontologia di Edith Stein tra fenomenologia e metafisica, p. 199.


In order to clarify the relationship among phenomenology, ontology and metaphysics I analyze Husserl’s and Thomas Aquinas’ influence on Edith Stein’s inquiry. One can discover that she succeeds in establishing a link between the phenomenological essential description of reality and the metaphysical one, particularly regarding the problem of ontology and the research on the human being, giving at last her personal and original contribution to these philosophical questions

Keywords: Essence, Erlebnis, Phenomenological Anthropology, Transcendental Idealism, Thomas Aquinas’ Ontology, Phenomenological Ontology.


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