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N. 32 (2016)

Iolanda Poma

Gabriel Marcel.
io esisto, tra natura e soprannaturale

PP. 226-244

1. L’originaria prospettiva esistenziale nell’orizzonte del mistero ontologico, p. 226; 2. La differenza che percorre l’unità esistenziale, p. 228; 3. Prima del mio inizio, dopo la mia fine, p. 232; 4. All’incrocio di natura e soprannaturale, p. 237.


Marcel’s thought is inspected in the dynamic of the different levels of reality, natural and supernatural, whose intertwining constitutes the fabric of human existence. Mankind is found neither in the coincidence nor in the clear distinction beetween being and existence, but is found in the intense work of the intertwining and weaving of these elements. Desiring to talk about it means being midway between the emotional and reflective state, between the vital and the spiritual, the practical and the theoretical, which marks our belonging to the world and finds its setting in us. The soul, interlaced to our body and thought, gives breath to our need for trascendence and to the metaphysical condition of the human being

Keywords: Subjectivity, Being-Existence, Interlacement Immanence-Transcendence, Penultimate-Ultimate, Metaphysical condition of the human being.


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