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N. 32 (2016)

Paolo Becchi e Roberto Franzini Tibaldeo

Hans Jonas e il tramonto dell’uomo

PP. 245-264

1. Introduzione, p. 245; 2. La revisione del concetto di natura, p. 247; 3. Natura e immagine dell’uomo, p. 250; 4. La hybris transumana ovvero la rivolta contro la mortalità dell’uomo, p. 254; 5. Conclusioni, p. 263.


The article deals with present day challenges related to the employ of technology in order to reduce the exposition of the human being to the risks and vulnerability of his or her existential condition. According to certain transhumanist and posthumanist thinkers, as well as some supporters of human enhancement, essential features of the human being, such as vulnerability and mortality, ought to be thoroughly overcome. The aim of this article is twofold: on the one hand, we wish to carry out an enquiry into the ontological and ethical thinking of Hans Jonas, who was among the first to address these very issues with great critical insight; on the other hand, we endeavour to highlight the relevance of Jonas’ reflections to current challenges related to bioscience and biotechnological progress. In this regard, we believe that the transcendent and metaphyisical relevance of the «image of man» introduced by Jonas is of paramount importance to understand his criticism against those attempts to ameliorate the human being by endangering his or her essence

Keywords: Human nature, Image of man, Human enhancement, Transhumanism.


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