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N. 32 (2016)

Paul Gilbert

Une peinture, l’origine et la vérité

PP. 310-325

1. Une phrase de Cézanne, p. 312; 2. La leçon de Heidegger, p. 316; 3. Critique à Heidegger, p. 320; 4. Pour conclure, p. 324.


In the last part of The Truth in Painting named «Restitution», Jacques Derrida polemicizes with historian and art critic Meyer Schapiro, presenting for discussion the pages Heidegger dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings («Shoes») in the conference entitled «The Origin of the Work of Art». The article examines the occurrences of the word «truth» in Derrida’s text and evidences both the power and the limitations of some of the German phenomenologist’s suggestions.

Keywords: Derrida, Heidegger, painting, Schapiro, Van Gogh.


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