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N. 32 (2016)

Giovanni Filoramo

Cristianesimo globale e relativismo culturale:
una sfida (im)possibile

PP. 367-379

1. Considerazioni introduttive, p. 367; 2. Un cristianesimo globale, p. 370; 3. Il problema del relativismo culturale, p. 375; 4. Conclusioni, p. 378.


The relationship between the Christian proclamation and different cultural contexts, which is characteristic of the millennial history of Christianity, in the context of globalization and post-secular society, assumes today some new aspects. In the first part, the article points out some fundamental changes known by the different Christian churches over the past fifty years. Beginning with the Catholic Church, today the traditional centers of radiation and control of the Christian churches have lost much of their influence and their ability to provide cross-cultural identity, while have become dominant the processes of indigenization. In the second part, the paper reflects on some of the characteristics of today’s cultural relativism and particularly the last product of the religious individualism: the culture of the spirituality (without God). The conclusion emphasizes the difficulties to carry on, against the background of the changes outlined before, a traditional model of relationship between Christian proclamation and culture / cultures.

Keywords: Christianity, Culture, Globalization, Cultural relativism.


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