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N. 32 (2016)

Roberto Mancini

Ontologia della gratuità e logica evangelica

PP. 418-441

1. L’ontologia come programma di ricerca, p. 418; 2. L’eredità della logica evangelica, p. 424; 3. La libertà dell’amore, p. 431.


This essay intends to deepen the ontology of freedom in its meaning and development. This philosophical conception is considered in the perspective of a hermeneutic of Gospel logic. The Christian faith has its kernel in the love as way of being of God. In particular mercy emerges as fundamental and distinctive quality of God’s love. Such a concept is regarded on the basis both of biblical texts, in particular of the Christian tradition, and of relationships where the human beings live the true communion. Thus the logic of gift is the fundamental orientation for an understanding of Christian vision of life. There is an essential congruence between Gospel logic and the ontological theory grounded on concept of freedom. This is true in special way if we read the idea of the fontal freedom as grace and force of gift. Then we see that freedom is rather different from pure arbitrariness, because it is loyalty to own way of being; freedom and love are structurally coessential. The ontology of freedom can develop a thought that clarifies this metaphysical unity. It can also promote in the contemporary culture the consciousness of ontological interdependence between the origin of being, on one side, and man and nature, on the other.

Keywords: Ontology, Freedom, Gospel-Logic, Gift, Grace.


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