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N. 32 (2016)

Luca Ghisleri

Simbolo, paradosso, analogia.
A proposito della filosofia di Claudio Ciancio

PP. 442-454

1. Ragione filosofica e simbolo, p. 442; 2. Simbolo, paradosso e immagine, p. 444; 3. Simbolo, analogia e cristianesimo, p. 450.


The essay aims at showing how it is possible to understand Claudio Ciancio’s thought also in relationship to his reflexion about the theme of the symbol that can be referred to when considering also his manner of thinking the nexus between Christianity and culture. In the light of the analysis of three essays by him (of 1995, 2006 and 2016 respectively) it becomes clear how Ciancio, following Ontologia della libertà by Pareyson, considers as essential the connection between philosophical reason and symbol understood as the nexus of finite with infinite which has not got “the own and originary form, but the form of a broken unity” and which, because of this, implies the bet and the paradox. It is also showed the nexus put by Ciancio between paradox and image and we wonder if the image is introduced by him – with reference to some themes discussed by Pareyson in Verità e interpretazione – to think above all the original relationship between finite and infinite and not only their broken relationship. Finally, it is asserted that the image in this way can meet the analogy understood as theoretical way to study the nexus of identity and difference between thought and being and between finite and infinite without incurring the ontology of univocity which seems to be implied in the ontology of liberty.

Keywords: symbol, paradox, analogy, image, Christianity.


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