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N. 33 (2017)

Ugo Perone

Tra aut-aut ed et-et.
La filosofia di Luigi Pareyson

PP. 15-19

Between aut-aut and et-et. The philosophy of Luigi Pareyson
In this essay the philosophy of Luigi Pareyson is explored on the basis of the double perspective of an aut-aut and of an et-et. Both approaches seem to play a significant role in Pareyson’s theoretical reflections. The author proposes to see the origin of this tension just in the fundamental concept of an ontological personalism, which states an asymmetrical relationship between person and truth (or being). Also the wide range of Pareyson’s scholarship can be better understood in this light.

Keywords: Pareyson’s ontological personalism, The asymmetrical connection of truth and interpretation, et-et/ aut-aut.


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