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N. 33 (2017)

Martin G. Weiss

Luigi Pareysons (Un)Zeitgemässe
Philosophie der Freiheit

PP. 68-84

1. Die Furcht vor der Freiheit, p. 68; 2. Die Freiheit zum Guten und zum Bösen, p. 69; 3. Die Wahrheit des Unbegrifflichen, p. 71; 4. Die Erzählung des Christentums: der Ursprung als Freiheit, p. 74; 5. Kenosis: Metaphysik oder Immanentismus?, p. 80.

Pareyson’s (un)actual philosophy of freedom
In the present paper I discuss Luigi Pareyson’s late work, published in the posthumous Book
Ontologia della libertà, as an (un)timely attempt to clarify the experience of (human and divine) freedom through an interpretation of Christian mythology. Concerning this matter Pareyson’s ideas are both timely – as they stress the relation between freedom an evil – and at the same time untimely – because of their vindication not only of an outdated theologia crucis, but also of the concept of an arbitrary God, which Gianni Vattimo has rightly criticized opting (against his teacher) for a theology of radical contingency.

Keywords: freedom, evil, hermeneutics, kenosis, Christianity.


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