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N. 33 (2017)

Klaus Müller

Luigi Pareysons Philosophie der Interpretation.
Ein kritisches Korrektiv gängiger theologischer Hermeneutik

PP. 153-169

1. Rezeptive Asymmetrie, p. 153; 2. Konjunkturen der Hermeneutik und theologische Reaktionen, p. 154; 3. Gadamer vs. Pareyson: Was beide verbindet, p. 157; 4. Gadamer vs. Pareyson: Was beide trennt, p. 162; 5. Kurzer theologischer Abspann, p. 168.

Pareyson’s philosophy of interpretation.
A critical corrective of the common theological hermeneutics

In the broad hermeneutical discussions in catholic theology after II. Vatican Council the most adopted concept was that of Hans-Georg Gadamer. This was in debt of his emphasis on the ideas of tradition and authority. Other hermeneutic programs were ignored for a long time – and the hermeneutics of Pareyson till today. Disregarding the convergences between Gadamer and Pareyson this is a damage for catholic theology, because in Pareyson would be present all the dimensions which are to be missed in Gadamer: the importance of subjectivity, ontology, and criticism of ideology.

Keywords: Catholic hermeneutics, Gadamer, subjectivity, ontology, criticism of ideology.


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