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N. 33 (2017)

Francesco Paolo Ciglia

Libertà per la differenza.
Una rilettura del pensiero di Luigi Pareyson

PP. 170-192

1. Fra verità e storia, p. 171; 2. La verità poliedrica, p. 173; 3. Verità e persona umana, p. 176; 4. Libertà per la differenza, p. 182.

Liberty for difference. A rereading of Luigi Pareyson’s thought
This contribution proposes a comprehensive rereading of Pareysonian thought, starting from a special perspective. It is articulated in three parts. In the first and second parts, two particularly relevant formulations of the Pareysonian theory of interpretation (1954 and 1971) will be reconstructed. The third part will examine some of the main structures of the “ontology of liberty”, which the thinker elaborated in the last phase of his research itinerary. This contribution seeks to grasp, against the backdrop of the stages of Pareysonian meditation which will be examined, a decisive confrontation with the question of difference, a theme which occupies a central place in the cultural debate of the past fifty years. The last part of our contribution articulates a critique of the Pareysonian understanding according to which the origin of evil – but not its operative cause – should be individuated in the abysmal depths of divine liberty. The text supports the thesis according to which the event of divine liberty would not yet contain any polar alternative between positive and negative. The alternative in question would instead only be born in the act of positing a liberty that is finite, other, and different with respect to the original divine liberty. The origin of evil – and its operative cause together with it – would then be found in the space that discloses with the event of a liberty that is finite, a liberty which is called to choose whether to confirm or not the original divine positivity.

Keywords: truth; interpretation; liberty; difference; evil.


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