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N. 33 (2017)

Silvia Benso

Lost in translation:
Luigi Pareyson e gli studi pareysoniani in ambito anglosassone

PP. 195-207

1. Intraducibilità originaria, p. 197; 2. Traduzione/tradimento, p. 198; 3. Riconoscimento mancato, p. 200; 4. Nuove possibilità della traduzione, p. 205.

Lost in Translation: Luigi Pareyson and Pareyson Scholarship in the Anglophone World
By exploring various semantic possibilities contained in the expression “lost in translation” (expression borrowed from a movie by Sophia Coppola with the same title), this essay addresses various difficulties entailed in the work of translation in general and as they apply to the translation into English of the works of Luigi Pareyson specifically. The essay also surveys the status of the Pareyson scholarship in the Anglophone world (a world in which Pareyson’s importance seems to be “lost in translation”) and suggests possible ways to foster a more congenial milieu for the appreciation of this important Italian philosopher whose thought is rarely recognized by Anglophone thinkers, even of the continental kind.

Keywords: translation, existentialism, hermeneutics, continental European philosophy.


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