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N. 33 (2017)

Roberto Morani

«Il più difficile tra i libri dello Hegel.»
Croce e la
Fenomenologia dello spirito

PP. 307-342

1. Premessa, p. 307; 2. L’assenza della Fenomenologia in Ciò che è vivo e ciò che è morto della filosofia di Hegel (1907), p. 309; 3. Croce e la Fenomenologia nella Prefazione del traduttore (1907) e nella recensione alle edizioni di Bolland e di Lasson (1908), p. 311; 4. Presupposti e conseguenze della svalutazione della Fenomenologia, p. 316; 5. La presenza di Spaventa all’origine della svalutazione crociana della Fenomenologia, p. 318; 6. Croce e la Fenomenologia nella recensione del 1928 a Della Volpe, p. 320; 7. Croce e la Hegel-Renaissance tra la fine degli anni Trenta e gli anni Quaranta, p. 324; 8. La Fenomenologia e il ritorno del rimosso, p. 335.

“The most difficult between the books of Hegel”.
Croce and the Phenomenology of Spirit

In his Hegel’s interpretation, Benedetto Croce has never recognised the value of Phenomenology of Spirit, since he was seeing it as mere work in progress towards the more mature and systematic phase of hegelian thought. This essay presents the hypothesis that the reasons of his undervaluing of Phenomenology should be sought, not only in his crystal clear predilection for the Encyclopaedia, but mainly in his firm intention to distance himself from the abstract hegelianism of Bertrando Spaventa and Giovanni Gentile. Starting from the ‘30s, Croce’s coldness towards Phenomenology knows a stronger emphasys as a consequence of the hegelian readings developed in France by authors such as Wahl, Koyré, Kojève, Hyppolite all mainly focused upon the Hegel’s early and jenese production. At the end of the essay it is pointed out that Croce, despite his constantly negative assessment of Phenomenology, has tacitly undergone its influence in order to develop the essential cores of his own philosophical thought, starting from the concept of negativity.

Keywords: Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, dialectic, Idealism, Italian Hegelianism.


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