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N. 34 (2018)

Francesco Tomatis

Ricordo di Xavier Tilliette

PP. 5-13

1. La vita, p. 5; 2. Le opere, p. 7; 3. La cristologia filosofica, p. 11.

Remembrance of Xavier Tilliette
Commemoration of the french philosopher Xavier Tilliette S.J. (1921-2018). The author outlines a short biography of the jesuit philosopher. Disciple of de Lubac and Daniélou in biblical-theological ambit, of Merleau-Ponty and Marcel, Wahl e Jankélévitch in the philosophical, Tilliette has been master of many disciples throught the teaching in the Institut Catholique (Paris) and in the Pontificia Università Gregoriana (Rome). After a reasoned review of Tilliette’s principal works, the author give the last section of the article up to the «philosophical christology», the most original and fecund theory of the philosopher.

Keywords: Tilliette, Schelling, philosophical christology, Society of Jesus.


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