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N. 34 (2018)

Maurizio Candiotto

Concept formation and phenomenological transcendental idealism

PP. 54-73

1. Prologue, p. 54; Concept Formation. From Phenomenology Onward, p. 57; 2. Phenomenology and Philosophy, p. 57; 3. Immer wieder, p. 60; 4. Epistemic attitude and metaphysical outcomes, p. 61; 5. Being as Being True (No “Making Of”), p. 63; 6. Philosophy as a Theoretical Practice (and How it Conceives Itself), p. 69.

Concept formation and phenomenological transcendental idealism
Phenomenology, as a way to practice philosophy, brings the latter to transcendental idealism; concept formation is where the phenomenological analysis of experience (namely, the one of logical thinking) opens up to speculation. Here the formation of speculative concepts turns the way for the philosopher to conceive of his own very theoretical practice. That’s how transcendental phenomenology becomes idealism and why transcendental idealism should be phenomenological.

Keywords: Husserl; transcendental idealism; concept formation; being true; propositionalism


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