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N. 34 (2018)

Iolanda Poma

La costituzione del soggetto come pratica autobiografica nella cura di sé

PP. 86-104

1. Introduzione, p. 86; 2. Racconto di sé e medicina, p. 88; 3. Una comprensione filosofica dell’esistenza, p. 91; 4. Coordinate della scrittura autobiografica, p. 95; 5. L’autobiografia come forma di cura di sé, p. 97.

The constitution of the subject in the autobiographical practice as self-care
The study on autobiography allows to identify the subversive force that belongs to it: the dynamics and the paradoxes which arise from the act of narrating oneself debunk the myth of the supposed Power of the Ego that writes about himself. The action of depowering begins in the exact moment when the subject put himself in the centre and opens himself to a new work of self-understanding, in which it is possible to follow the profile, even therapeutic, of the autobiographical writing.
All the concepts that characterize the autobiographical writing are here questioned again, to finally discover that the gained awareness is that of one's inappropriable own and that the cure is that from the illusion of a self self-centred and absolute. In this work on oneself there is also the relationship with one's own illness. For this reason autobiography presents itself as an effective tool for self-care that favors the comprehension of those who work in the field of helping relationships.

Keywords: autobiography, self-care, self-comprehension, lived body, symbolic value of disease, relationship.


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