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N. 34 (2018)

Rocco Digilio

Le scaturigini della modernità.
Note a margine del pensiero napoletano del secondo Seicento

PP. 140-162

1. Il vivace dibattito culturale, p. 140; 2. Ragione e religione, p. 143; 3. Fra cartesianesimo e gassendismo, p. 147; 4. Oltre Cartesio, p. 153; 5. Il ritrovamento della «buona scolastica», p. 156.

The origins of modernity. Marginal notes on Neapolitan thought of the second seventeenth century
This article intends to offer further reflection on the origin of modern thought. It specifically refers to the aspects of the relationship between metaphysics and science and on the possible compatibility of these two antipodes. This compatibility, if duly recovered, would allow man to feel “at the centre” of the map of his destiny once again.
In particular, by addressing the vigorous debate that rose during the late Renaissance and by thoroughly researching the well-kept thought in countless essays, articles and literary works that were often left unfinished and in their original form, this article will try, alongside the new horizons of science and reason, to bring to light the importance and substance of metaphysics, or rather of a good scholastic philosophy, wisely and courageously rediscovered and defended.

Keywords: metaphysics, science, modernity, scholastic, seventeenth century.


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