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N. 34 (2018)

Attilio Bruzzone

Identità e società: la vita (im)possibile.
Kracauer, Simmel, Pirandello

PP. 253-272

1. Premessa, p. 253; 2. La falsa alternativa, p. 254; 3. La crisi dell’identità, p. 258; 4. La vita come forma paradossale, p. 265; 5. Artificio e natura, p. 269.

Identity and Society: The (im)possible Life. Kracauer, Simmel, Pirandello.
In this paper, I intend to show the «elective affinity» that links Siegfried Kracauer to Georg Simmel and Luigi Pirandello. In all these authors, albeit with different intensity, emerges the problem of the impossible life of contemporary man, who can not live in or out of the conventions of bourgeois life. Nonetheless, Simmel and Pirandello, unlike Kracauer, decline this problem in metaphysical terms, since they see it as a phenomenal manifestation of the more general ontological (thus irreconcilable) conflict between life and forms. Through a close confrontation with and among these authors, I will show how, for them too, the dichotomy between life and form turns out to be, in the end, a false opposition. That is so – and all three authors are well aware of this – because there is no possibility of escape from the bourgeois world that has become «global», since it is shaped and categorized by the absolute movement of the capitalist economy. In the «total society» thus configured there is no longer an «outside», but a single immense «inside», in the interstices of which everyone is called to dwell and to realize himself through an always revocable «form». In order to accept his natural artificiality or «inauthenticity» without the illusion of being able to return to the idealized past of an assumed naturalness or «authenticity» never really existed.

Keywords: life, forms, conflict, dichotomy, dialectics, tragedy, artifice, nature.


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