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N. 34 (2018)

Luca Bagetto

Rappresentare il lavoro.
La critica di Hannah Arendt a Marx

PP. 273-293

1. Lo schiavismo come esonero dal ciclo biologico, p. 273; 2. Marx borghese, p. 276; 3. L’assoluto attivo, p. 282; 4. Spirito del capitalismo?, p. 287.

Representing the work. Hannah Arendt's critique on Marx.
According to Arendt, the access of the working classes to the political scene requires a profound transformation of the concepts of the philosophical-political tradition. This article aims to show how the notion of repetition remains unthought in the notion of work. Repetition acts starting from the repetitiveness of the work done by the slaves, to arrive at the meaning of the work as a biological metabolism of reality and as a reproduction of the material structures of existence. Arendt identifies in the work understood in this way the political nexus between the notion of bourgeois and Marxist value. And it paves the way for a different political representation of work.

Keywords: slave labor, repetition, proletariat, denial of transience, idealization, value, philosophy of praxis, representation, interruption of the law.


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