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N. 34 (2018)

Calogero Caltagirone

La sensibilità come «Weltoffenheit» secondo Gustav Siewerth

PP. 294-307

1. Un’antropologia declinata nell’orizzonte dell’essere, p. 295; 2. «L’essere aperti è l’essenza dei sensi», p. 297; 3. L’uomo, interalità articolata tra sensibile e spirituale, p. 301; 4. Per “aprire” il discorso antropologico, p. 305.

Sensitivity as “Weltoffenheit” according Gustav Siewerth.
A pivotal characteristic of contemporary anthropology is the belief that sensitivity is the original form of the Welthoffenheit of the human being and that it is the “way” of its subjective constitution. Indeed, the subject, through sensitivity, opens himself to existence outside his own inner experience. According to this conception, the anthropology cannot consider man only starting from his rational capacity, but also from his bodily sensibility. In this sense, the philosophical proposal developed by Gustav Siewerth could be particularly useful to the establishment of an inter-active anthropology, in dialogue with other knowledge. This paper is focused on the meaning and role of the senses according to Siewerth’s reflection about complex structure of human being.

Keywords: anthropology, sensitivity, body, heart, actus essendi, metaphysics.


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