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N. 34 (2018)

Angela Renzi

Soggettività e intersoggettività tra Ricoeur e Fichte:
relazionalità e riconoscimento.

PP. 371-399

1. Il problema della soggettività tra filosofie riflessive e filosofie relazionali; 2. Il tema del riconoscimento; 3. Prospettive d’indagine tra Fichte e Ricoeur: un dialogo auspicabile su una soggettività pratica

Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity between Ricoeur and Fichte: Relationship and Recognition.
The essay proposes a course from Ricoeur to Fichte and looks to give a “preliminary approach” to two objectives. On one end, through some suggestions of Ricoeur’s philosophy, the paper looks to underline that in his writings there are not only explicit mentions – in critical form and not – of Fichte’s concepts or theories, but it is possible to trace a theoretical presence. On the other end, the paper looks to underline that both philosophers propose a “relational philosophy”, that is an ontology of the human, where the subject can individualize himself as responsible identity thanks to the relationship and the mutual recognition with the other. In this context, it seems possible to establish a systematic dialogue on this theme between Ricoeur and Fichte, connecting the most contemporary instances to the fruitfulness of the transcendental approach.

Keywords: relationship, mutual recognition, intersubjectivity, identity, ontology of the human.


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