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N. 35 (2019)

Ugo Perone

Charme und Versuchung.
Freiheit und Macht

PP. 15-24

1. Eine Einführung, p. 15; 2. Subjekt, Freiheit, Macht, p. 17; 3. Zeit, p. 20; 4. Gesellschaft, p. 21; 5. Schluss, p. 23.

Charm and temptation, liberty and power
On the trails of terms such as charm and temptation the article suggests to consider the alternative of freedom and power not as a strict opposition but as an immanent risk to freedom, always exposed, if not attentive to the gratuitousness that is at its foundation, to the temptation to transform itself into some form of power. The analyses of categories as subject, time and society confirm this.

Keywords: grace, charm, temptation, liberty, power, subject, time, society.


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