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N. 35 (2019)

Emanuele Antonelli

Che cos’è la mimesis? Contributi per una sintesi teoretica

PP. 252-271

1. Premesse, p. 252; 2. Narrazioni, p. 253; 3. Ripetizioni, p. 255; 4. Ritenzioni e protensioni, p. 264; 5. Figure e schemi, p. 266; 6. Conclusione, p. 269.

What is Mimesis? Contributions towards a theoretical synthesis
Throughout a recollection and repetition of relevant interpretations and uses of the notion of mimesis, we claim that in both its fundamental meanings, which we argue are “do like” and “make oneself like”,
mimesis is the (conscious or unconscious) reception of the live or deferred other as a figura, which is to say as a scheme through which: a) reality is given to us and then possibly reproduced, and b) our experiences – the interweaving of retentions and protentions – constitute us; c) our desires are molded on those of our relevant others.

Keywords: retention, protention, imagination, desire, figures, schemes.


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