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N. 35 (2019)

Silvia Marzano

Esperienza religiosa e filosofia in Luigi Pareyson. Confronti jaspersiani

PP. 379-400

1. Il problema, p. 379; 2. Confronti con Jaspers, p. 381; 3. Mito, esperienza religiosa, riflessione, p. 385; 4. Simbolo di Pareyson e cifra di Jaspers, p. 387; 5. Per un concetto filosofico di Dio (in senso simbolico), p. 390; 6. Trascendenza «astratta», Dio unico, esperienza religiosa, p. 393; 7. Conclusioni, p. 398.

Religious experience and philosophy in Luigi Pareyson.
Jaspersian comparisons

Religious experience and philosophy may meet only if philosophy is hermeneutic and existential thought and religious experience, in its personal singularity, is relationship with being. Pareyson resumes from Jaspers “a non-objective metaphysics that starts from the relationship of existence with Transcendence”. The myth, human experience of the divine, expresses in symbolic terms the unobjectivable. From within, a philosophical reflection emerges in and on the religious experience. At this point it is possible to get a philosophical indirect speech on God and have a concept of God (in a symbolic sense), which overcomes the contrast with the “God of the philosophers”. Confronted with Jaspers the article discusses the pareysonian proposals for a symbolization of concepts and the possibility of understanding philosophies as personal figures and perspectives. Other themes: participation, deus and Transcendence without form, kantian sublime.

Keywords: hermeneutic existential thougt; myth; religious experience; symbol.


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