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N. 36 (2020)

Federico Vercellone

La «società trasparente».
Un progetto estetico-politico

PP. 27-35

1. A proposito della trasparenza, p. 27; 2. Nichilismo e società trasparente, p. 28; 3. Quale estetica per l’estetizzazione?, p. 30; 4. Al di là dell’estetica, al di là del postmoderno, p. 33.

«The Transparent Society». A philosophical-political project
This text analyses the meaning of the idea of the “transparent society” developed in the homonymous, and famous, book by Gianni Vattimo. This book proposes a positive attitude towards aestheticization and nihilism in the postmodern era. This approach, paradoxical from a certain point of view, contributes to creating what we can define in Vattimo’s thought as the last project of the enlightenment. This project is based on the idea that contemporary society allows many articulations of the social and cultural spheres that can free and give expression to the different identities present in our world. This philosophical project, however, has many difficulties in its realization because aestheticization cannot, on the basis of its own conceptual structure, intrinsically realize this emancipatory task.

Keywords: postmodern age; Vattimo; aestheticization.


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