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N. 36 (2020)

Gianluca Garelli

Qualche considerazione sul problema della «Tecnica della natura» nella Erste Einleitung alla Kritik der Urteilskraft

PP. 111-126

1. Brevi cenni sulla storia della «Erste Einleitung», p. 112; 2. L’interpretazione di Vittorio Mathieu, p. 115; 3. L’equivoco della “tecnica”, o la doppia prestazione del Giudizio, p. 119; 4. Il circolo di natura e Giudizio, p. 122; 5. L’«introduzione enciclopedica», p. 124.

Some remarks about the «technique of nature» in the so-called
Erste Einleitung to Kant’s Kritik der Urteilskraft

Scholars of the so-called
Erste Einleitung in die Kritik der Urteilskraft often, and rightly, stressed the importance of examining its contents in close connection with the themes dealt with by Kant in the «Architectonics of Pure Reason» and in the «Critique of the Teleological Judgement». However, the text also requires to be read independently, beyond its original introductory purpose: and it is no coincidence, from this point of view, that one of his editors decided to give it the title «On philosophy in general». The thesis here proposed, in constant comparison with Vittorio Mathieu’s groundbreaking interpretation, could be summarized as follows: the autonomy of the First Introduction reflects what Kant, in the third Critique, calls the heautonomy of the faculty of judging, that is, its ability to provide itself with its own rule.

Keywords: teleological judgement, teleology, heautonomy, Vittorio Mathieu.


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