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N. 36 (2020)

Damir Barbarić

Hegel als Janus-Figur. Zu Eugen Finks Hegelinterpretation

PP. 146-167

1. Ansätze zur Hegelinterpretation, p. 146; 2. Kraft als Zentralkategorie der Phänomenologie des Geistes, p. 150; 3. Zweideutigkeit der Hegelschen Philosophie, p. 153; 4. Abgrenzung von Hegel, p. 155; 5. Sprung ins Unendliche, p. 161; 6. Streit im Absoluten und Streit der Welt, p. 164.

Hegel as Janus figure. On Eugen Fink’s interpretation of Hegel
Eugen Fink’s analysis of Hegel’s philosophy is presented in the essay. Through the detailed interpretation of Hegel’s early major work
Phenomenology of the Spirit, Fink comes to the insight that Hegel’s thinking is not, as it is otherwise and specifically claimed by Martin Heidegger, only the completion and the conclusion of Western metaphysics. On the other hand, Fink tries to prove that the approaches to overcoming metaphysics can be found in Hegel. In his interpretation he mainly looks for the suggestions and instructions to be found in Hegel for the transition to a completely different way of thinking, which in Fink’s opinion goes back to Heraclitus and which has its most significant successor in Nietzsche. Fink recognizes the central concept of the Phenomenology of the Spirit as the concept of force, through whose logical further thinking one should be brought to Hegel’s highest philosophical principle of the absolute all-life, that is infinitely moving and at the same time resting. In contrast to all finite things that are inevitably driven towards self-surrender by the peculiar inner contradiction, the absolute for Hegel, despite its self-division, is essentially reconciled with itself and fundamentally uniform. Fink denies this by pointing out that the absolute itself, insofar as it is force-wise, and therefore should be thought as infinitely moved and alive, must be essentially determined by an irreconcilable internal conflict. In doing so, he leans, even if mostly not explicitly, on his own doctrine of the fundamental opposition of earth and heaven as the essence of the post-metaphysically understood world, in which the last trace of the metaphysical substantiality that is still left over with Hegel is completely obliterated.

Keywords: absolute, infinite, reconciliation, struggle.


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