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N. 36 (2020)

Fabiola Falappa

La visione metafisica di Karl Jaspers.
Filosofia e verità in
Von der Wahrheits

PP. 289-314

1. L’esistenza metafisica, p. 289; 2. Il senso del metodo, p. 295; 3. Logica filosofica e trascendenza dell’Uno, p. 303; 4. Tra la verità e il nulla, p. 308.

The metaphysical vision of Karl Jaspers.
Philosophy and truth in Von der Wahrheit

This article traces the development of the work of Karl Jaspers,
Von der Wahrheit, without the pretense of providing an overall exposition. He tries to highlight how this work is not only a landing point, but also the event of a turning point in the theoretical itinerary of the philosopher. The new approach to metaphysics that is configured there qualifies itself in the form of a philosophical logic, understood by him as a systematic clarification of the human experience of truth and path of existential unfolding. This work represents a truly extraordinary effort to make order in the relationship of man with the truth, as well as to illuminate his responsibility for existence and history, in the years in which the fury of totalitarianism was devastating the world and threatened to overwhelm the Jaspers spouses. The legitimacy of metaphysics is accompanied by its critical nature as a connection by reason, a continuous “breakthrough” of totalizations and openness among the different modes of Umgreifende and the different forms of truth, in a plurality of methods too. The peculiarity of Von der Wahrheit leads to the comparison of Jaspers’ Erhellung with phenomenological seeing and the interpretation of hermeneutics.

Keywords: truth, metaphysics, philosophical logic, method, Umgreifende.


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