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N. 36 (2020)

Massimo Tura

Simbolica e poetica nel pensiero di Paul Ricœur

PP. 363-390

1. Introduzione, p. 363; 2. La sproporzione, p. 365; 3. L’ordine metaforico, p. 375.

Symbolism and Poetics in Paul Ricoeur’s philosophical Thought
The contribution concentrates on a paradigmatic change in Paul Ricoeur’s philosophical thought, the shifting from the hermeneutics of the symbol, first found in
Finitude et culpabilité, to the hermeneutics of the speech, as seen in his analysis of La métaphore vive. The study takes into consideration, on one hand, the logic of the dual meaning that characterises the symbolic signification: a logic that uses an analogy of attribution so that the difference is traced back to the identity of a participated genus in the context of a Platonic ontology. On the other hand, the study analyses the metaphoric utterance that, being already on a linguistic-conceptual level, does not offer that analogical transfer from sensible to intelligible, which is typical of the symbol, but uses a proportional analogy in order to explain the dialectic relationship between identity and difference; an analogy that describes their mutual otherness in the context of an ontology of the act in the Aristotelian mould.

Keywords: disproportion, metaphor, analogy, image, similarity.


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